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The Annual Congress of The International Association of Law and Forensic Science (IALFS)

The 1st International Association of Forensic Toxicologists (T.I.A.F.T.) Middle East Congress

In collaboration with

The 1st Korean Forensic Medicine Authority Middle East Congress

The 8th Arab Union of Forensic Physicians Congress

Worldwide Association of Women Forensic Experts

Beni-Suef University

April 1-3, 2014



Endorsed by Government of Dubai, Dubai Police and Dubai Health Authority.
Welcome message from the president
Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, we have a great pleasure to invite you to the Annual Conference of the International Association of Law and Forensic Science (IALFS) scheduled for April 1-3, 2014 Endorsed By “Dubai Police” in Dubai, UAE, under the theme:

"Current Global Eyes on Forensics and Laws"

Fortunately, IALFS 2014 will be held in collaboration with three great specialized organizations:

The International Association of Forensic Toxicologists (T.I.A.F.T.) founded in London, April 21, 1963. Nowadays T.I.A.F.T. groups over 1400 members around the world who are actively engaged in analytical toxicology or allied areas with the aims of this association to promote cooperation and coordination of efforts among members and to encourage research in forensic toxicology.
The National Forensic Service (NFS), Seoul-Korea which provides prompt and accurate analysis of evidences in the field of scientific crime detection such as forensic medicine, forensic science, natural science and engineering, and gene identification. NFS also presents criminal evidence through scientific investigation in order to preserve public order and protect civil rights. It works under the slogan, “The power of science in determining truth”.
The Arab Union of Forensic Physicians which founded in 2002 and includes great members from the Arab world. It is caring about the challenges which face the forensic experts in the Arab countries, trying to find opportunities. It has great experience in holding conferences every year. It established memorandum of understanding with many great Organizations as the Islamic Countries organization of Forensic medicine.
IALFS 2014 will provide a comprehensive view of the latest developments relating to forensics and laws in the world. The Scientific Program Committee is preparing an excellent conference with cutting-edge symposiums, workshops, lectures, interactive roundtable discussions, and free communications.

This year we have expended the conference attendees to include other areas of Forensic Science frequently overlooked. Crime scene investigation and digital forensics are a few new areas we are introducing this year around. We hope that you visit their scientific session to learn a few useful things and indirectly create new friendship.

We have also prepared an outstanding social program. Enjoy the networking opportunities with experts, colleagues, and industry professionals at the Welcome Reception and Gala Dinner.

We look forward to welcoming you to Dubai, UAE, April 2014.
Sincerely yours

Prof. Dr. Sherein Ghaleb
Dear guests,

We have the pleasure and honor to announce the launch of the Annual Congress of The International Association of Law and Forensic Sciences (IALFS).

Legal medicine has always been a manifestation of applying science and technology to find truth and spread justice.

In our congress, we have been able to bring together a group of eminent international experts from different forensic science and law professions, Countries and backgrounds which will give us all the opportunity to discuss and exchange information, ideas and address a broad range of issues in the field.

I have the pleasure to inform you that the accepted presentations will be published in special issue of the Egyptian Journal . Egyptian Journal of Forensic Sciences is the first international journal of forensic sciences in the Middle East ,Arab and African countries .It is open access peer-reviewed journal with international editorial board published quarterly , produced and hosted by Elsevier.com, the largest publisher all over the world and available on http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/journal/2090536X , journal homepage http://www.ejfs.org and TIAFT homepage http://www.tiaft.org

In the end, we hope that our congress promotes a cross cultural dialogue among participants and discuss "Current Global Eyes on Forensics and Laws"
Sincerely yours

Dr. Magdy Kharoshah

General Secretary of the congress

(The Egyptian Journal of forensic sciences available on Science)



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