Manfred Kayser

Manfred Kayser currently is Full Professor and Chair of Forensic Molecular Biology and heads the Department of Forensic Molecular Biology at the Erasmus MC University Medical Center Rotterdam. He received his Diploma in Biology from the University of Leipzig in 1994, his PhD in Biology / Genetics from the Humboldt-University Berlin in 1998, and his Habilitation in Genetics from the University of Leipzig in 2004.
His research was instrumental in introducing Y-chromosome DNA analysis to forensic and anthropological genetics and its further improvement. He is also known for his pioneering work on the genetics and molecular prediction of human appearance traits. His further scientific interests are in DNA-based inferences of bio-geographic ancestry and various other aspects of human molecular biology with putative applications to forensics such as mRNA-based tissue identification, molecular age estimation, and the use of circadian biomarkers for sample deposition timing. In addition, he investigates human genetic origins and human population history with a focus on Oceania. He teaches forensic genetics, human genetics, and evolutionary genetics to university students on the Master and the PhD levels.
So far, he authored over 110 articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals, regularly accepts invitations to provide key lectures at international conferences and institutions, and serves as a regular ad hoc peer-reviewer for many scientific journals and for grant-providing organizations in several countries.
He is the founding co-Editor-in-Chief of the peer-reviewed scientific journal Investigative Genetics and serves as Academic Editor and Editorial Board Member of several other journals.